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. they took shelter overnight at a nearby facility. self-defense force personnel picked them up in helicopters on monday morning. >> translator: i'm relieved. >> translator: i'm all right. i want to tell my family that i'm okay. >> reporter: floods also stranded the facility for the elderly in hagi with nearly 80 people inside. >> translator: i was in the corridor facing the river. the river was swelling and it seemed it was higher than me. i was nervous. >> translator: the water broke the windows and came gushing in. i feared for my life. >> reporter: the staff closed the fire doors. the water continued to flood in. so they gave up trying to stop it. >> translator: we opened the doors so that the water could pass. we took refuge at a place where the water wasn't a danger. panic was last thing we wanted, so we kept telling each other, it's going to be all right. it's going to be all right. >> reporter: the residents gathered in a hall but water kept flowing in. the residents were asked to get on top of the beds that had been brought in, to wait for the water to subside. >> translator: i feared
is also expanding its mare time patrol activities by year. the defense minister revealed one of the patrol aircraft flew beyond a chain of southern japanese islands for the first time. the plane flew over high seas on wednesday between okinawa's main island and miyako island. the aircraft never crossed the first island chain into the pacific. they regard the area as their first line of defense. >> translator: this could be an indication that china will further step up its activities at sea. >> commanders with japan's self-defense force scrambled jets. it didn't enter japanese air space. >>> afghanistan's first and only female governor has been awarded a prize many regard as asia's highest honor. the award foundation based in manila recognizes asian individuals and organizations who contribute to human development. the governor is among three individuals and two organizations to win the prize this year. the governor of afghanistan's province in the announcement foundation commends her efforts to build a functional government and cites the particular adversities poverty and discrimination sh
. that was a phrase used by the french defense minister. an unfortunate expression that he used. the early election, the fact that this has happened six months after the initial beginning of the conflict, was perhaps to prevent more grassroots elements from establishing themselves, to legitimize france's involvement. not everyone is so pessimistic. this is taken from -- he starts the article by saying -- by quoting the french national anthem. mali's day of glory has arrived. this is a very positive event. be careful, he lists off a couple of things to watch out for. politicians calling the results to early. everybody has a responsibility to respect the process and to return the country to a degree of morality -- plurality and constitutionality. >> fine words. good to see you, thank you for joining us. do you think it is important to do that, to make sure we do not get too much speculation? that is a big problem with journalists. we like to speculate on things. we are going to speculate, but we -- what do we do that? >> we have absolutely no results and we may not have any results for several days.
in cairo and other locations from monday through wednesday. defense minister and army chief abdel fallah al sisi has called for demonstrations on friday. he wants the military to be given a mandate to confront what he calls violence and potential terrorism. >>> bombers in southern thailand have killed three people and injured two others. security forces are facing violence in the region despite a peace deal with muslim separatists for the holy month of ramadan. an army spokesperson told nhk that suspected insurgents detonated an explosive near a hospital on wednesday. three teachers in a nearby car were killed and two police officers were wounded. teachers have become targets for militants who demand that children receive an islamic education. muslim separatists have been waging an insurgency against the government for a decade. they're seeking autonomy for the three southern-most provinces. 1,300 people have been killed in the fighting since 2004 including 160 educators. the explosion comes two weeks after negotiators agreed to hold violence during ramadan. but frequent attacks are casting
to the gang rape that caused outrage in india and around the world. a defense lawyer said the verdict was delayed until august 5th because of a pending case at the supreme court that seeks to change the legal definition of a juvenile. the defendant was 17 at the time of the attack. he's being tried as a minor on charges including murder and rape. a 23-year-old woman died after she was gang raped and thrown out of a moving bus in new delhi in december. a total of six men are standing trial, but only one is a minor. the victim's father says he wants them all to receive the death penalty. if convicted, the juvenile defendant could be sent to a correctional facility for a maximum of three years. people across india have demanded a severe punishment for the defendant, regardless of his age. >>> militants in pakistan have attacked a heavily guarded facility of the country's powerful intelligence agency. the daring assault has left at least seven people dead and raised more concern about stability in the country. gunmen attacked a compound belonging to interservices intelligence in the south
supporters are still in the streets protesting and we had another warning from a national defense council this evening that will take firm, decisive action, it said, if the protesters overstep their rights. earlier the interior minister had suggested the forces would soon move in and break up the two opposing camps. he also announced he is reviving hosni mubarak's hated secret police, shut down after mubarak was toppled. and that's caused outrage here and another sign that authorities are not going to tolerate the protests that have led to so much bloodshed. the military was granted the right to arrest civilians. that is one step short of declaring a state of manager. but hearing from official sources that despite the warning from the minister, the military has plans to suspend. very briefly, kathryn is expected to arrive tonight. what is she going to be doing there in egypt? >> she was here just a couple of weeks oak trying to broker some sort of negotiations. she's back to push that and stress to union's position, that is, that egypt should move but a peaceful transition period to new e
of history. >> thousands of morsi supporters are continuing sit-ins in cairo. some marched toward the defense ministry building. they're demanding morsi be restored as president. security forces are preparing to disperse the protesters, saying they're destabilizing society. >>> pakistani lawmakers have elected a veteran politician as president. he's a trusted ally of prime minister sharif. members of the two houses of parliament and assemblies in four provinces made up the electoral college that elected him. he won more than 80% of the votes. hussein is a member of the prime minister's pakistan muslim league. he replaced the incumbent in september. he'll join a leadership facing a number of challenges from overseeing anti-terrorism measures to reversing an economic slump. the president serves as head of state. it's largely ceremonial. they stripped the president of many powers when they revised the constitution three years ago. >>> a group of tourists there south korea has spent a terrifying couple of days in the japan alps. the climbers got into trouble on a hike and had to be rescued. autho
in january crews of chinese warships locked weapons, targeting radar on a japanese south defense forces ship. the resolution urges chinese officials to exercise restraint. it confirms that the u.s. will oppose any action. >>> last month, u.s. president barack obama discussed the dispute with chinese president ping. she was adamant in defending china's stance. >>> commanders at a u.s. base in japan have taken shipment of another squadron of plane with apache safety record. they unloaded 12 osprey aircraft at a base in western japan. they'll test the planes for a week and then send them further south for their permanent distinction. a ship carrying the tilt rotor aircraft arrived at the air station. they will test fly the ospreys for about a week. local government officials agreed to the deployment, but they want u.s. commanders to let them know when and where the planes will fly. they're urging the americans to shorten the testing period. the marines will then deploy the aircraft to futima aircraft station in okinawa. the aircraft was put into service in 2007. they can take off and land like
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)